February 10, 01:02

FinQuest Polls

With eyes fixed on the audience

During the interactive digital FinQuest Pitch-Event, the audience actively participated, having the opportunity to ask questions directly to the competing teams but also through live polls.

Remarkable are the public’s responses regarding to technologies that are considered to directly affect the future of the banking sector, as well as the public’s preference for digital or physical events.

More specifically:

Please identify the digital technologies that you believe will significantly contribute to the further improvement of customer experience in banking

  • 7.8% Blockchain
  • 7.8% Biometrics
  • 15.6% Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • 18.8% Advance analytics
  • 9.4% IoT
  • 40.6% AI (ML, Chatbots, RPAs)

Do you believe that new digital technologies will change the way banking services will be provided in the future?

  • 0.0% Not at all
  • 1.4% Not so much
  • 18.6 Yes
  • 80.0% Absolutely

Would you opt for a fully digital event, even if you were able to attend physically?

  • 37.1% Probably not
  • 33.9% Probably yes
  • 16.1% Absolutely

Stay in touch and share your thoughts at FinQuest@alpha.gr .