Konstantatos Theodore

Theodore has participated in many projects for development of the e-Banking. He has also participated (as a project manager in many cases) to many missions critical IT projects, such as the Millennium Problem, Euro Transition, PSD & PSD 2 compliance, SEPA Compliance etc.
He is participating the core team of Alpha Bank that decides designs, and develops the Digital Banking products, and is taking the strategic decisions about their growth roadmap.
As the head of the development of digital banking for many years, together with his team they have built a lot of new innovative e-Banking & digital banking products such as IVR, PC Banking, Phone Banking, Web Banking, Mobile Banking, e-Wallet, Open Banking (APIs) etc. Also, he has driven many projects related to security and compliance, such as e-Banking PCI-DSS compliance project, e-authentication with digital certificates for e-Banking etc.
As a member of the management team of the IT Software Applications Division, he has participated to the implementation of ITSM for the IT of the bank. The related processes are certified with ISO-20000.