December 30, 02:12

Konstantinos Vaitsas, Head of Innovation at Alpha Bank, discusses FinQuest’s endeavors.

New FinQuest Challenge

FinQuest is an international innovation programme initiated and sponsored by Alpha Bank aiming to attract innovative solutions for the financial services industry. It is here for the third consecutive year and we are very happy about that.

As an international programme, FinQuest by Alpha Bank appeals to the wider fintech and start-up communities from around the world. It aims at attracting the talent, innovation and technical expertise cemented trough the presentation of innovative products and services.

During it course it will identify innovative solutions on predefined areas of interest for the Bank (Quests). Quests that are relevant to the bank, its clients and its aspiration to explore the opportunities presented through new digital technologies. FinQuest and its subsequent accelerator programme are designed not only to identify, but to assess and develop further promising solutions with a real potential to enhance Alpha Bank’s service offering as well as to strengthen the relationship with the wider start-up and fintech ecosystems.

The focus is heavily geared towards creating value for our customers. That’s why we aim at surfacing solutions, which are at state of maturity that could help the Bank to further improve its financial services and the experience of our customers. After all, technological developments evolve extremely fast and offer opportunities for competitive advantages to those that continually scan the market for innovative applications. Fintechs can be very helpful in this regard. They can, in turn, work closely with banks leveraging bank data, validating their solutions to offer solutions that appeal directly to financial institutions.

Looking forward to another FinQuest journey!