June 03, 03:06

Meet the Finalists and their unique solutions!

The evaluation of the companies that submitted their ideas has been successfully completed. Alpha Bank’s experienced executives highlighted the top 6 companies that have now entered the Accelerator stage.

The finalists that moved on to the next phase of the competition are the following:

DoGood People is a SaaS tool to digitize the ESG impact of employees and improve the sustainable reputation of companies. The software that drives sustainable culture throughout the company.

Country: Spain

Resnovae offers the ESGenius! An automated, cloud based ESG management platform (SaaS) that helps users establish baselines, develop KPIs, track progress, and share pragmatic ESG ratings with stakeholders & investors in full transparency. It introduces AI (Artificial Intelligence) and CBA (Cost-Benefit Analysis) to eliminate human error and bias from ESG Ratings. AI technologies include RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), used to verify company data and calculate ESG score.

Country: Greece

Net Zero Analytics has found EcoVerse, a ground-breaking ESG data management ecosystem, providing financial institutions and other organizations easy access to structured ESG metrics of market participants reinforcing the decision-making process in compliance to regulatory guidelines. Moreover, it empowers corporations to transform business practices for a sustainable future in an orderly and transparent manner

Country: Greece

Minna Technologies is a Swedish tech company established in 2016, offers the world’s leading Subscription infrastructure currently integrated and available to more than 20 million people globally. The team at Minna is passionate about building the next generation of solutions to make people’s lives better. 

Country: Sweden

SPIN Analytics a modern FinTech and RegTech leader that brings a new paradigm for credit risk modelling, has developed RISKROBOT™ to help regulated Tier 1 and digital banks improve credit risk management and expand their modeling and validation teams at speed and at scale.

Country: United Kingdom

Quantfolio is a Norway-based FinTech company providing B2B(2C) advisory technology for banks and wealth managers across the Nordics. The company delivers omni-channel robo-advisory/advisor tool & API modules for major FI´s across Nordics with a sustainable focus. The team consists of experienced serial entrepreneurs, data scientists, quants/mathematicians, developers and financial experts.

Country: Norway