Panagiotis Karampinis

Panagiotis holds a degree in Financial and Banking Management from the University of Piraeus. During his studies, he worked in the International Fund of Investment Funds Group in Greece and was the Head of Corporate Partnerships at AIESEC in Greece, the largest student organization in the world.
Panagiotis joined Endeavor in 2012 and until 2018 he worked on the development of the network, overseeing the process of selecting prospective entrepreneurs and managing a portfolio of 14 major entrepreneurs in Greece, owners of successful companies such as Workable, FrezyDerm, Ergon, Konva, Christodoulou Brothers, Metamaterial Inc and others. Panagiotis was also the Head of the Global F&B Community, a community of 80 Endeavor entrepreneurs with a high impact from 30 countries working in the F&B industry. Through the association and cooperation of all entrepreneurs, he organized F&B initiatives and events around the world to help the community develop its entrepreneurial actions and skills. Since 2018 is the Managing Director of Endeavor Greece.
Panagiotis is a co-founder of TEDxKalamata, a volunteer of the Red Cross Samaritan, and is a consultant to speculative and nonprofit organizations.