January 05, 12:01

Why FinQuest?

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The second annual FinQuest by Alpha Bank digital innovation competition took place on Wednesday, December 9, completing its four-month journey with great success. In a digital Pitch-Event fintech and startups, from the international ecosystem had the opportunity, even under the special conditions we are experiencing, to present their proposals.For all of us at  Alpha bank, FinQuest is the key channel of communication with the fintech ecosystem in the process of keeping an open eye searching for promising applications, which we aim to support in order to take the banking experience one step further.

However, why choose FinQuest?

The teams that excelled in this year’s competition give us the answer and tell us about their own experience.

What’s great about this program is that it’s a win win for both. I think FinQuest is a great initiative both towards enabling and also accelerating innovation in the banking sector.

Konstantinos Faliagkas (Wealthyhood)

From day 1, up to the pitching event, everything was well-organised and centered around the participants.The best part was our weekly meetings with our 4 mentors. Everyone came from a very diverse background, which helped us get well-rounded feedback and insights on what we do, during the program but even afterwards.

Alexandros Xristodoulakis (Wealthyhood)

FinQuest was a very insightful and rewarding experience that allowed us to explore different aspects of our proposition and its applicability to the banking sector

Kyriakos Georgiou (Finloup)

We’re an innovative startup in the financial sector, so we knew that Alphabank could help us tremendously. We’re talking about a Bank with great capabilities, from digital processes and state of the art technology to loans and credit risk modelling

Antonis Prentzas (Finloup)

Our mentors where unique in their own right. They helped us transform our idea to action, not only for the competition finals but also for the day-to-day running the business.

Marios Noutsos (Finloup)

I would definitely recommend this competition to other fintechs. Finquest is a great opportunity to improve, validate and communicate your ideas and products to the financial sector.

Stelios Gasparinatos (Finloup)

FinQuest enables the local sector to at least explore incorporating innovation, in a step by step manner.

Cosmin Cosma (Finqware)